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Expatica newsletters: What you’ll find inside

Expatica Daily
Expatica’s daily newsletter is ideal for those interested in receiving daily news and information updates. Every morning around 11:30, the Expatica Daily newsletter delivers the latest local news headlines, feature, European news and local community news straight to your inbox.   The Daily Newsletter also includes the most popular discussions on the Expatica forums and the latest postings on Expatica’s Jobs and Housing sections.

Expatica Weekly
Expatica’s weekly newsletter contains a roundup of the most popular and useful articles published over the last week. The newsletter is divided into the following sections:

  • Hot topic:  The week’s most topical and relevant feature.
  • Inside Expatica: Draws attention to a practical aspect of living abroad such as renting or buying a home, finding a school for your children or the local tax system.
  • In the Spotlight:  A blog or another article of particular interest that week.
  • Expat Voices: Expat stories and expats’reflections on life in Switzerland. Click here to add your voice.
  • Most read: Find out what your fellow expats are interested in through reading our most popular news story of the week.

Expatica HR
The Expatica HR newsletter offers news and information of relevance to HR professionals and mobility managers across Europe. Subscribers will receive two newsletters a month; Mobility update and Tax update. Mobility update contains a roundup of the past month’s mobility news along with a selection of the latest European HR news from the Federation of European Employers (FedEE). Tax update offers a roundup of international tax news of relevance to foreign workers abroad, along with the most recent features published on the HR site that month.

How to subscribe
Simply click here, fill in your email and a new page opens up where you can check the box of the newsletter(s) you wish to receive. If you are currently subscribed to any Expatica newsletter, each relevant box will already appear checked.