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Essential reading for couples living abroad

A couple’s decision to embark on an expat adventure is often a daunting one. Not only are there dozens of practical questions to be considered, but expats-to-be also face a wide range of, sometimes emotionally charged, issues and challenges. Living abroad is simply a life-changing experience. No other source will prepare expats better for this than Global Connection’s newly published Expat & Partner Guide.

Seven years in the making

The full-colour guide brings together the best of seven years of Global Connection’s publishing. It is a response to numerous requests by its members for back copies of Global Connection Magazine’s themed articles. Older articles have been updated to reflect recent trends, and other topics not previously covered in the magazine have been added to make the collection complete.

The book’s 300-plus pages provide in-depth information and advice on everything from mobility trends, dual careers, finance, health, safety issues and preparing for the move abroad, to dealing with culture shock, expat partners’ work, voluntary work, study, expat kids related subjects and repatriation.

Internationally renowned experts shine their light on all these matters. Their advice is backed up by clearly presented results of ground breaking research studies on expat related issues.
The 34 chapters are peppered with personal accounts from experienced expats and their partners. Their honest, sometimes moving stories make this invaluable guide a lively read.

To inform and inspire

Global Connection is a leader in the field of providing expat partner support. More than 200 international organisations use Global Connection’s publications to help their expat families cope with life abroad.

Over 50 multinational companies and organisations benefit from Global Connection’s expat partner support package for thousands of their expat partners. They represent 80 nationalities in more than 120 countries. With their Global Connection membership, these expat partners receive a quarterly magazine, digital newsletters, a website that includes a secure members-only portal, email newsletters and other structured support services.

“A company’s investment in sending employees abroad is more likely to pay off if they settle well in their new country. It is our mission to inform and inspire expats and expat partners in order to contribute to the success of a posting abroad,” explains Jacqueline van Haaften, Managing Director of Global Connection and former expat partner. “We know that if expats and their partners are well prepared and have realistic expectations of their life in a foreign country, they will relish the experience and be less daunted by adversity. Our Expat & Partner Guide is another important and unique tool to achieve this goal.”

To order Global Connection’s Expat & Partner Guide for € 37.50 (€ 30.00 for members) incl. VAT, excl. shipping go to the Global Connection bookstore: www.global-connection.info

The book is also available via amazon.co.uk.