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Cargolux and OGBL are buddies again

There has been turbulence in the air at Cargolux of late, and the decision last Friday to refuse delivery of the first two Boeing 747-8Fs this week caused the fasten seatbelt signs to be switched on once again. Has the problem been resolved? Not yet, but Cargolux and Boeing have been at pains to clarify that their relationship is not under duress.
At the meeting yesterday, 20 September, Cargolux was represented by director general Frank Reimen and legal head Henning zur Hausen. David Massaro represented the OGBL and Cargolux employees. The airline reiterated its total commitment and interest in integrating the 747-8F into its fleet. Talks with Boeing are ongoing, intense and constructive, according to Reimen. The OGBL has gone on record to state its relief: the new aircraft is a vital cog for Cargolux and the future of its employees.
The board members also made it clear that employees and representatives will be kept abreast of all developments in the affair.

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