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Canux in Lux

The Canadian Club in Luxembourg is an association of people who either hail from Canada, or are friends and colleagues of Canadians in Luxembourg and the greater region. They are a social club, which holds several annual events, as well as a few informal "get-togethers" hosted or organized by our members. Started in the mid-90’s, their club thrives with the support of our active membership. If you have recently moved to Luxembourg, please feel free to contact them and join the club. There are lots of fun people to meet!

Join the Canadian Club in Luxembourg members for their annual events. As well as three main family-based events, they hold a number of informal adult gatherings. The list below provides a description of the various events and general timing for each throughout the year.

Third Thursdays – adult event
Attend this very popular event to meet other Canadians for a couple of hours at a local pub in Luxembourg City.
When is it held? Yep, you guessed it, the third Thursday of each month. Contact [email protected] for details and location.

Canada Day – family event
If you can’t make it back home for the celebrations, consider joining the Canadian Club to celebrate Canada’s Birthday each year on (or around) July 1. What started as a backyard barbeque about 10 years ago, with a few Canadians enjoying burgers and beer, has grown into a full-scale celebration. Complete with sporting events and crafts, Canada Day celebrations now host over 100 Canadians and friends. The event is a ‘byom’ (bring your own meat) BBQ, held at a fantastic location just outside of Luxembourg City. Activities usually include games for the kids, children’s crafts, baseball, swimming and various fun team challenges, an adult-only ‘lounge’ area is also provided as well as lots of eating space and, of course, Canadian Beer!

Thanksgiving / Hallowe’en – family event
Held each year in October, they try to combine the best of Thanksgiving dining with the scariest of Hallowe’en costumes. The best part about this event (besides the groovy prizes for best costume) is the pie!

Spring Wine & Cheese  – adult event
Join them for an informal gathering to celebrate their love of winter or at least the ending of it!  (February | March)
Activities include .. chatting, drinking wine…eating little things in tiny saucers …drinking champagne…OK, there are no other activities. It’s a Wine & Cheese!

Easter Egg Hunt – family event
The Easter bunny visits one of their homes each year in April and leaves treats for all the kids.

You can find the calendar of upcoming events here.

Contact the Canadian Club in Luxembourg or sign up here.