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ACL rolls out the winter tyres

Published on 22/09/2011

Winter might not be around the corner just yet, but it's going to come sooner, rather than later. While the obligatory use of winter tyres only starts from autumn 2012, many motorists are already purchasing them this year.

That’s why the ACL is now testing various types of winter tyres, so that motorists can make an informed choice. Around 30 winter tyre models were thoroughly tested. All are in the most common dimensions 195/65R15 and 175/65R14. What the ACL is looking for is the tyres’ behaviour in all driving conditions dry, wet, snow, icy roads as well as their noise levels, usage and behaviour in high speed.

The ACL has found that all 4-season tyres type 175 – irrespective of brand – perform only moderately on dry and wet roads, and considerably less well than a winter tyre in snowy conditions. Also, all season tyres wear down much quicker than a winter tyre in winter or a summer tyre in summer. The ACL says it make much more financial sense to purchase seasonal tyres instead of all-season ones.

So what should you use?

Below you can see the ACL’s league table of winter tyres. The ACL says that most winter tyres have done very well in the tests. The only one that was rejected was the Trayal Artica.


195/65 R15 T
175/65 R14 T
175/65 R14 T
All weather tyres

Highly Recommended
– Continental

– Goodyear UltraGrip 8
– Semperit Speed-Grip 2
– Dunlop SP Winter
Sport 4D
– Michelin Alpin A4
– Pirelli Winter 190
Snowcontrol Serie 3
– Continental

– Michelin Alpin A4
– Dunlop SP Winter

– Nokian WR D3
– Vredestein Snowtrac 3
– Fulda Kristall Montero
– Barum Polaris 3
– Kleber Krisalp HP2
– Kumho I’ZEN KW 23
– Bridgestone Blizzak
– GT Radial Champiro
– Goodyear UltraGrip 8
– Semperit Master-Grip
– ESA-Tecar Super
Grip 7
– Vredestein Snowtrac
– Uniroyal MS plus 6
– Maloya Davos
– Firestone
Winterhawk 2 EVO
– Sava Eskimo S3+
– Pirelli Winter 190
Snowcontrol Serie 3
– Ceat Formula Winter
– Goodyear Vector

Caution advised

– Falken Eurowinter
– Falken Eurowinter
– Sava adapto
– Vredestein
Quadrac 3
– Kleber Quadraxer
– Hankook H730
Optimo 4S
– Rigdon All Season

Not Recommended
– Trayal Artica

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