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352LuxMag Issue 125 Out Now!

Published on 22/09/2011

Available to browse or download here or just to browse here! In this week's issue, Brian visits the Poll Fabaire Crémant Centre to get a sense of how the Luxembourgish champa... snip! 352LuxMag lawyers sparkling wine is made. And then tastes some of it, obviously. Stephen indulges his inner luvvie and previews the Grand Theatre's open day, then turns all anti-Hollywood for CinEast, the festival celebrating Central and Eastern European filmmaking. Guest contributor James Cottam gives us the lowdown on living with a stammer in Luxembourg. His account is in turns funny and moving and well worth reading. Kalonji Tshinza, of Carré Rotondes, braves Champagne & Crémant those two words again... and, sorry to ruin the punchline, "No". Meanwhile, the RCL U17s turned into the All Blacks last weekend. Read all about the shellacking they dished out. As well as these, we have our usual cinema informaiton, directory and Sam Steen ponders swearing. And of course, 352LuxMag's incomparible guide to what's on in Luxembourg over the coming days. What are you going to get up to? Hope you enjoy the mag, and feel free to drop us a line. Thank you for your continuing support, Stephen, Brian and Gabby. Forward by email