Family & Pets

Embark on a new chapter abroad with your entire family: learn all about foreign childcare, fun activities, and how to bring and care for your pets.

Becoming a grandparent

Tips for becoming a grandparent abroad

Building and maintaining relationships with grandchildren can be difficult when they live abroad. But there are a number of ways that becoming a grandparent abroad can still be rewarding and enriching.

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Mother tongue

How to pass on a mother tongue to your children

Raising bilingual families means a mother tongue and a mother’s tongue are not always the same language. Teaching children both languages preserves a part of family history and strengthens family unity.

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House guests

5 tips for hosting house guests while living abroad

When living abroad, you can expect plenty of house guests from back home. To make their visit run smoothly, here are some simple tips you can follow.

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International adoption

International adoption: are you ready?

Couples have diverse reasons for wanting to adopt, but the end goal is the same: inviting a child into your family. International adoption can be a frustrating process with endless paperwork, waiting periods, and logistical requirements. How can prospective parents prepare themselves for international adoption?

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Hire an au pair

Seven reasons for expat families to hire an au pair

Raising children is a tough job, especially if you’re an expat living abroad without the help of extended family. But if you hire an au pair, you can reclaim some of your time and provide an enriching experience for the whole family.

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Helping friends

Helping friends back home from abroad

Living abroad can be a blast, but it’s difficult when friends and family are in crisis and you’re too far away. Helping friends from afar is still possible; you just have to be a bit more creative. How can you help?

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Pet relocation

Pet relocation: how to move your furry friend abroad

Is your pet an at-risk breed to travel? Is your pet crate-trained? Pet relocation to another country means that owners must make an informed decision about whether or not their pets are ready for the trip.

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Family rituals

Why family rituals are important for expat families

Family rituals are key to maintaining a sense of identity and belonging, especially when you live abroad and away from the comforts of home.

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Third culture kids

Why being third culture kids sucks (sometimes)

Growing up abroad opens many doors for the entire family, but it poses unique difficulties for third culture kids in particular.

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Expat wife

The 10 best things about being an expat wife

Few acts signal your undying support for your partner more than moving abroad as they chase a career goal. But it isn’t all about them, either; being an expat wife has plenty of perks.

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Moving abroad with your family

Tips for moving abroad with your family

Moving abroad with your family isn’t just a chance for you to further your career; it’s also a chance for the entire family to learn and grow in a new environment. Ensure that your family’s relocation is a positive experience for you, your partner, and your children.

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Greeting customs

To kiss or not to kiss? Greeting customs around the world

From kisses and handshakes to bows and nose rubs, we explain greeting customs around the world to help you avoid faux pas as an expat.

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Indoor activities for kids

Fun indoor activities for kids to do at home

From virtual museum tours to creative craft projects, these fun indoor activities for kids will keep your little ones entertained at home.

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