Healthcare Basics

Learn the basics of healthcare systems abroad, including how to obtain local and expat health insurance and who to call in an emergency.

International health insurance

International health insurance: local or expat insurance

International health insurance for expats: how should you choose between local health insurance or an international health insurance plan? When is expat medical insurance necessary?

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Private health insurance

Private health insurance: how to choose the best policy for you

If you’re considering private health insurance, finding the right insurance plan or company can be time-consuming. This guide explains how to choose the right private health insurance for you.

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Healthiest countries

Where are the world’s healthiest countries?

Where would a hunt for the world’s healthiest countries take you? Which country boasts the healthiest national diet, the healthiest lifestyle and environment, and the best health system? What does ‘healthy’ mean to you?

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Expat mental health

Expat mental health: 10 tips for your wellbeing

Life abroad can be challenging at times, but these mental health tips for expats will help you look after yourself in your new home.

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Eat healthy on flights

10 tips on how to eat healthy on flights

Dreading your next airborne meal? Take some helpful advice from frequent flyers to ensure that you eat healthy on flights.

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European Health Insurance Card

EHIC: European Health Insurance Card explained

The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) allows citizens from the EU/EEA and Switzerland to access healthcare when traveling within the EU. What are the procedures for EHIC application and EHIC renewal?

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Expat health insurance

How to choose the best expat health insurance

Use these five tips to find the best expat health insurance plan to cover you in whatever medical situation you’ve got going on.

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