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Twenty-two hurt in crash at bombed station

5 January 2005

MADRID-Twenty-two people were injured in a head-on crash between two trains at one of the Madrid stations bombed in Spain’s worst terrorist attack.

The crash happened at Atocha Station, scene of one of the ten devastating bombings in March in which 191 people were killed and more than 1,500 others were injured.

In today’s crash, which happened at about 12.40pm, no-one was seriously injured.

They were all taken to four Madrid hospitals for treatment for light injuries.
All those injured were passengers on one of the trains which was involved in the crash.

An emergency services spokeswoman said: “All were given psychological treatment because the situation brought back memories of the 11 March attack.”

Two passengers had broken bones and were being treated for fractures in hospital.
Emergency services said the crash happened when two trains hit each other head-on.

It appears the crash happened after one train was mistakenly driven onto track number three which was being used by a freight train on its way out of the station.

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