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Three terror suspects released

21 April 2004

MADRID – Two suspects held in connection with the Madrid terrorist massacre were released without charge Wednesday, legal sources said.

The judge in charge of the case, Juan del Olmo, set free the Moroccan Khalid Zeimi Pardo and Assad Mohamedeid Abd El Maksoud, who is from Egypt.

Zeimi told the judge during a hearing that he knew some of those linked to the atrocity in which 192 people were killed and more than 1,500 people were injured.

He also admitted that he would often meet Serhane Ben Abdelmajiz, known as the Tunisian, who was said to have been the ‘mastermind’ who led the attacks.

Abdelmajiz was among seven terrorist suspects who blew themselves up in Leganes, a suburb of Madrid, on 3 April.

Mohamedeid said he sold telephones and was studying in Cordoba in southern Spain.

But both denied any part in the terrorist attacks.

The judge also released Tuesday night Abdulkarim A Rahim Awleya, a Saudi who was arrested last week near Malaga.

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