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Three bodies found ‘burnt to a cinder’

19 February 2004

MADRID – Three bodies were found ‘burnt to a cinder’ after they were caught in a fire in a metal shed, authorities said Thursday.
The bodies were discovered after fire crews were called to put out a small fire.

The fire happened in the Villaverde district of Madrid.

When the fire crews arrived, they had to break open the door of the shack which had been closed with a chain.

Inside, they found various mattresses and belongings. When they lifted the metal sheet, they found all three bodies.

The bodies had been ‘burnt to a cinder’, said fire brigade sources.

At first, the firefighters thought that there could have been a fourth victim.

But after an investigation, they were convinced that only three people had died.

The bodies were so badly burnt that it was not known what sex or age they were.
The cause of the fire is being investigated.
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