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Three bodies dumped by road

25 May 2004

CADIZ – Police launched an investigation Tuesday after the bodies of three men were found dumped near a road.

The bodies, thought to be of three Africans, were discovered in Torreguadiaro, a small town near the port of Cadiz in southern Spain.

A fourth person was also found in a serious condition nearby.

They were found early Tuesday near the A-7 road, close to a bar.

The injured man was taken to the Hospital de La Línea de la Concepción in Cadiz.

Police are not clear what happened but sources said it seemed the four men had been dumped there.

They are not discounting the possibility that they were illegal immigrants who were attacked by human traffickers.

The manager of a bar near where the bodies were found said: “They seemed to have been abandoned in this state though there were no signs of violence or shouts for help.”

He said that they also appeared to have been dumped in a remote area.

Moroccan veils and mirrors were also found nearby, police said.

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