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Thief uses bank card of dead neighbour

1 April 2004

BILBAO – A thief who stole more than EUR 3,000 using the bank card of a neighbour who had died has been arrested, police said Thursday.

The 37-year-old first stole money on the day the neighbour’s body was discovered by police.

He had died about a month before and neighbours called police because of the smell of his corpse in their block of flats.

The thief, who has a history of drug taking, had stolen the card when he found the body hours before the police arrived.

He was a neighbour of the dead man.

The thief used the card 55 times to steal a total of EUR 3,075.

The thefts were carried out between 6 and 15 March.

But he was caught when a bank cashier became suspicious and called police.

The thief was arrested Tuesday and charged with stealing cash from the dead man.

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