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Spanish find smashing way to relieve stress

Published on November 23, 2004

23 November 2004

MADRID- A Spanish scrap yard has come up with a smashing way of helping people take out their frustrations on modern living.

For 40 euros (USD 52), they can pick up sledgehammers and bash away on anything from cars and computers to mobile phones and even photos of the boss.

Held in Lubia, 160 kms (100 miles) northeast of Madrid, it is described as “damage therapy”, says Reuters.

One happy punter said: “I have smashed the car, my sameness and my stress… everything, it is terrific.”

The ‘therapy’ has been organised by a group called StopStress.

Along with a hammer, customers are given helmets, overalls, goggles and heavy metal music for head banging.

Customers can spend up to two hours hitting away, but nobody has managed more than 30 minutes, organisers say.

“First when they arrive, they feel afraid and uncertain because we motivate people a lot so they can smash up more things,” said co-founder Jorge Arribas.

“But then, after they have smashed everything you can see them more free of worry and relaxed.”

He said some people brought photos of their bosses and put them on top of cars before attacking them with a hammer.

“It is brilliant, fantastic… I have got rid of all my stress,” Mariano Garcia, from Cadiz, told Reuters television.

“I smashed all parts of the car that always bother me, I have taken my revenge”.

A study by the UK’s University of Surrey earlier this year found that modern gadgets such as mobile phones and laptop computers were increasing levels of workplace stress.

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