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Spanish businesses ‘best in Europe’

10 March 2004

MADRID – Spanish companies lead Europe in business excellence, according to a report published Wednesday.

Britain and Germany are falling behind Spain, claims the Club for Quality Management, which includes the country’s biggest companies.

The report was based on the number of  prizes given out for business excellence by the  European Foundation for Quality Management and the most Stamps of European Excellence to companies across the continent.

After Spain, the countries where businesses have won the largest number of prizes for  excellence are Britain, Germany, Turkey, France and Hungary.

In Spain, businesses in Madrid have won the most prizes, followed by Catalonia, then Valencia and Andalusia. Last on the list were Castilla la Mancha and Asturias with the same number of prizes.
The club is made up of  300 organisations from the public and private sectors

It is to hold a meeting in Madrid on 16 March for Spanish companies to discuss the latest developments in quality management, leadership and business excellence.

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