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Spaniard held over terror explosives trade

3 December 2004

MADRID- Madrid’s main court has ordered a Spaniard suspected of providing the explosives used in the deadly 11 March bomb blasts in the capital to be put under preventative detention.

The warrant from the court said Antonio Toro Castro is suspected of  “collaborating with a terrorist organisation and the provision of explosives.”

In total 191 people were killed and 1,900 injured in the synchronised blasts on commuter trains in the Spanish capital.

Toro Castro had already been detained twice, but then released.

The judge said the probe had “thrown light on the existence in 2001 of an offer of large quantities of explosives from Antonio Toro (and) Jose Emilio Suarez (Trashorras),” his brother-in-law.

Under Spanish law a terrorist suspect can be held in preventative detention for four years.

A total of 19 suspects are in detention on suspicion of having taken part in the March 11 attacks.

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