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Spain a nation in mourning for Pope John Paul II

Published on April 03, 2005

4 April 2005

MADRID-All Spain delcared a day of official mourning for the death of Pope John Paul II, with flags flying at half mast across the country. 

The Spanish government and King Juan Carlos expressed “profound grief” over the death of Pope John Paul II and passed their condolences to the Vatican.

In a communique sent to the Holy See in Rome, Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, said the demise of the pontiff “represents the loss of one of the most towering world figures in recent history.”

“With his death, mankind has lost a first-class moral beacon both for Christians and non-Christians,” he added.

Meanwhile Spanish King Juan Carlos praised the late pope’s “tireless efforts in favor of peace, justice and dignity.”

Zapatero will lead the Spanish government delegation at the funeral of the Pope, expected later this week in Rome.

But in some parts of Spain controlled by the conservative Popular Party opposition, there will be three days of mourning.

In Madrid, Galicia, Murcia, the Balearic Islands and Valencia, there will be official mourning for the late pontiff until Wednesday.

Immediately after the Pope´s death was announced, there was a spontaneous meeting of Catholics in the Placa Colon in the centre of Madrid.

The meeting lasted until the early hours of the morning.

The state-run national television in Spain showed nothing else but coverage of the Pope´s life and death throughout Sunday.

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