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Rock campaign hots up

17 May 2004

ALGECIRAS – The British leader of the opposition Conservative party was on the campaign trail Monday in the unlikely confines of Gibraltar.

Michael Howard was campaigning on The Rock because it forms part of the European constituency  of Devon and Cornwall in a strange electoral twist.

Gibraltar cannot form a constituency in itself but was annexed to the two counties in the west of England.

Howard was due to meet Gibraltar premier Peter Caruana then head for a round of meetings with residents.

Howard will be the first of a series of politicians from all the British parties who are due to visit the Rock in an effort to win votes in the 13 June vote.
The Conservatives have pledged not to enter talks with Madrid over the future of The Rock.

Last year, residents voted overwhelmingly against any compromise on the future of Gibraltar with Spain.

British prime minister Tony Blair sparked controversy in Gibraltar after he hinted at ceding control over the province.

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