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Police find new lead on missing Irish girl

18 January 2008

MADRID – The police investigation into the disappearance of an Irish teenager in Mijas, Málaga, found a new lead Thursday when a neighbour testified that his car, which he often lent to the girl, had gone missing on 1 January.

The 35-year-old British man told the Civil Guard that he had not reported his car missing until now because he feared being arrested over two old traffic violations. But an interrogation has yielded "several contradictions," police sources said yesterday.

Amy Fitzpatrick, 15, used to take refuge in the neighbour’s home when she had arguments with her family, her best friend Ashley Rubio told investigators. The man is friends with the missing girl’s stepfather.

The girl disappeared on 1 January after visiting her friend Ashley, who lives close by in a gated community in this resort town on Costa del Sol.

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