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One of six ‘most wanted’ terrorists arrested

27 April 2004

MADRID – Spanish police have arrested one of the six terrorist suspects named in international arrest warrants, sources close to the investigation said Tuesday.

Mohamed Bouharrat was one of the six suspects whose photograph was released late Monday night by investigators hunting those behind the 11 March bombings in Madrid.

The terrorist attacks were responsible for the deaths of 192 people and left more than 1,500 injured. At least 23 are still in hospital with serious injuries.

Bouharrat was arrested in Leganés, the Madrid suburb where seven terrorists blew themselves up after being surrounded by security forces on 3 April.

One police officer from the elite GEO unit was also killed in the explosion.

Spain’s Interior Ministry released pictures of the six suspects, plus their names and ages, and asked the public to call with any further information on them.

Fifteen people are in custody over the attacks.

One of the six named on Monday was Said Berraj, a Moroccan who was already the subject of an arrest warrant.

He was one of the six main suspects named shortly after the 11 March attacks.

The other five main suspects all died in the Leganes explosion.

It is thought they detonated explosives of the same sort used in the train attacks.

The Spanish interior ministry has said it believes most of the main players behind the attacks either died in that blast or are in custody.

The other five suspects name were Mohamed Afalah, Mohamed Belhadj, Abdelmajid Bouchar, Mohamed Bouharrat and Hicham Ahmidan.

Their nationalities were not given.

The Spanish judge investigating the bombings, Juan del Olmo, ordered two Moroccan brothers, Abdennabid and Mohamed Cheddadi, to be freed.

But he ordered the brothers to keep the court informed of their whereabouts, a court official said.

The authorities issued two numbers for the public to call if they can help the investigation. They are:  900 100 091 and 900 100 062.

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