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Neo-Nazi gang arrested for mosque attacks

Published on December 15, 2004

15 December 2004

BARCELONA-Police have arrested a neo-Nazi gang which had carried out attacks on mosques and businesses owned by Muslims.

Seven people, including three teenagers, were arrested in towns near Girona, in Catalonia in north-east Spain.

Those arrested were partially identified as Gerard B.A., 18, Jessica P.C, 24,  Josep V.V., 20, Francisco A.G., 20, who were all from Palafrugell, Salt or Girona.

Three other teenagers who are under age were not named by police.

The group, called The Black Front, was said to espouse Nazi philosophy.

The group carried out attacks on mosques, businesses owned by Muslims and other people whose ideologies were opposed to their own.

The police said they had broken up a “tough cell” of neo-Nazis, lead by Gerard B.A.

The group was in the process of expanding and were increasing attacks on Islamic interests.

Police they were seriously concerned about the expansion of the group.

They had carried out attacks on mosques in Salt, Girona and Palafrugell, on the Costa Brava, writing racist slogans on walls against immigrants and Muslims.

They had painted the face of Adolf Hitler, and written slogans like ‘Hitler was right’ as well as the name of their group.

They published a fanzine, called War, in which they espoused their doctrine, attacking immigrants, gays or other groups which they believed were “anomalous”.

Police found Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’, fascist literature, swastikas, machetes, baseball bats, airguns and ammunition in raids on their homes.

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