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Invention explains why babies cry

15 January 2004

BARCELONA– A Spanish inventor claimed Thursday he has dreamed up a device which explains exactly why a baby is crying.

The device, called ‘Why Cry?’, has proved a huge success around the world but it has developed into something of a craze in Japan.

For sleep-deprived parents it is said to be the answer to their prayers.

The device analyses the wails of a crying baby and tells parents exactly what’s wrong.

Pedro Monagas, the device’s inventor and head of the Barcelona firm that manufactures it, told EFE that to date, over 100,000 “Why Cry?” units have been sold worldwide.

He said he expects the figure to grow further with sales handled by the Tokyo-based firm, Harasawa.

Monagas claims a hungry baby cries consistently in a different way from one that is clamoring for their nappies to be changed.

He said though parents may not appreciate the difference, his invention detects and interprets the message with remarkable accuracy.

“Understanding what the baby wants you to know and attending rapidly to its needs will boost the child’s intellectual development while parents and carers will benefit from a stressful situation being promptly resolved,” he said.

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