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Gas tragedy kills mother and three children

20 April 2004

MADRID – A mother and her three children were suffocated with carbon monoxide Tuesday because of a faulty a gas cylinder in their home, emergency sources said.

The Colombian woman and her three sons, aged four, 13 and 16, were found dead in their home in Madrid Tuesday morning.

Firefighters were called after neighbours reported a water leak in the building.

At the same time, the father of the family arrived at the home to discover that his wife and three children were dead.

The mother was found in the bathtub and the children were in various part of the house, emergency services said.

The tragedy happened in the district of  Puente de Vallecas.

Doctors confirmed the deaths Tuesday afternoon.

The gas cylinder was of a type commonly sold by door-to-door salesmen in Spain, principally in poorer districts.

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