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ETA ‘terrorists’ extradition suspended

27 August 2004

MEXICO – A judge suspended the extradition to Spain of six alleged ETA terrorists imprisoned in Mexico for having alleged ties to the Basque terrorist group, it was reported Friday.

The lawyer for the six, Barbara Zamora, told EFE new agency the extradition was delayed by Judge Maria del Carmen Hernandez until the judiciary fully resolves the question of whether they should be turned over to Spain.

Hernandez, having “provisionally” suspended the extradition on 21 August, made her ruling definitive on Thursday.

On 30 July, despite Zamora’s claims of irregularities in the process, Mexico’s Foreign Secretariat approved the extraditions of Felix Garcia, Asier Arronategui, Asuncion Gorrochategui, Carlos Artola, Jose Urquijo and Ernesto Alberdi.

Spanish Judge Baltasar Garzon is seeking the five men and one woman on charges they were part of an ETA financial network.

While the Mexican secretariat granted the request on various terrorism-related charges, including money laundering, the defence argued the group’s link to ETA had not been proven.

The status of the accused will be clarified during a constitutional hearing set for 8 September.

After the hearing, the magistrate will decide if the extradition will take place or not, a decision which either the Foreign Secretariat or the accused can then appeal to the Supreme Court.

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