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Spring is here and the Cherry Blossom flourishes

I have, and it really is a beautiful sight. The smell is divine too.

If you haven’t had the fortune to experience this wonder of nature, now is exactly the right time to do so, as each year towards the end of March and the beginning of April, the cherry trees will begin to enter into full blossom.

There are plenty of places to go to view and enjoy this beautiful sight of tiny white flowers covering large expanses of land for miles around, some which are more well-known than others.

But there is one that just has a slight edge over all the others and is just that little bit more stunning than the rest. The Valle del Jerte in the northern part of the region of Extremadura has become synonymous with blossoming cherry trees in spring … but that’s not the only place to go.

Valle del Tiétar (Ávila)

This area of Ávila is a hiker’s paradise, and more so at this time of the year with the cherry trees in full bloom. The valley is set around the Cantos River in the southern foothill of the Sierra de Gredos mountain range and the trees are found as high as 1,200 metres above sea level.

Bolea (Huesca)

Another great place to see the cherry trees in all their glory. But if that wasn’t enough, each year the village holds a fair in which thousands of kilos of cherries are sold, cherries being the village’s speciality, as there are more than 30 different varieties on offer.

El Bierzo (León)

The northwest of Spain also has something to offer in this category, with fantastic examples being the villages of Corralón andRimor, which are both transformed into a blanket of white at this time of year. The town hall of Corralón has even established aguided tour through the landscape of cherry orchards, which includes a trip up to a viewing point from where the whole of the valley can be seen.

Alfarnate (Málaga)

The distinguishing feature about Alfarnate is that it is the municipality with the highest altitude in the province. It is also completely surrounded by mountains. The cultivation of cherries has only been introduced to this area in the last few years, suddenly making the town much more attractive to visitors.

Source: www.20minutos.es


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