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Church claims condoms do not prevent Aids

30 November 2004

MADRID- Spain’s Roman Catholic Church leadership has come under fire for appearing to doubt the effectiveness of condoms in the fight to prevent AIDS, focusing instead on fidelity.

Spain’s health minister Elena Salado, launching an AIDS awareness campaign ahead of World AIDS Day Wednesday, criticised those who “equivocated” about the value of condoms in preventing transmission of the disease.

“That is to close your eyes to the reality in this world and particularly among the young,” she said.

“It’s not only an error, it’s a crime against everyone, particularly
women,” said Miguel Angel Sanchez Rodrigues, head of the Triangulo gay and lesbian rights association.

“Science and reality have shown that condoms are the most effective measure. Figures show that contamination rates among married, faithful women are increasing. Women have to be allowed to use condoms.”

The Catholic Church is traditionally against the use of prophylactics, believing that they prevent the God-given gift of life.

The controversy arose after Juan Antonio Martinez Camion, general secretary and spokesman for the Bishops’ Conference, the Church’s leading body in Spain, criticised the AIDS awareness campaign for urging wider use of condoms.

He said that civil authorities “are not telling the whole truth” about the effectiveness of condoms and any campaign should focus on encouraging people to be faithful to one partner.

“Faithful love is the ideal, because it promotes peoples’ dignity and avoids disease,” he added, while acknowledging that the official view of the Bishops’ Conference was not shared by all its members.
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