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Beckham ‘no Don Juan or gigolo’

27 April 2004

MADRID – The family of Victoria Beckham hired an Israeli private detective to investigate claims her footballer husband had a series of affairs, it was reported Tuesday.

The Spanish daily El Mundo reported that an unnamed member of the family hired the detective to find out if David Beckham had affairs with his former PA Rebecca Loos and another Malaysian model Sarah Marbeck.

After the investigation, detective Moshe Buller concluded: “David is not a Don Juan, he is not a gigolo.”

But he added: “I could not put my hand on the Bible and say there had not been a sexual relationship.

Loos, 26, and Marbeck, 29, both claimed Beckham had affairs with them. Loos has been paid EUR 850,000 for a television interview in which she described the alleged affair with Beckham soon after he started playing for Real Madrid.

Beckham has dismissed the claims, initially describing them as “ludicrous”.

Buller said after his investigation, Beckham had not sent explicit text messages to Loos – as she had claimed.

“These were lies,” he said.

He also claimed that Loos had plotted to make these claims about Beckham “almost as soon as she started to work for him”.

He added: “David is like any other man but he has a problem and that is that he is handsome and a famous footballer.”

Buller was contacted by a London law firm acting for a member of Victoria Beckham’s family to investigate Beckham’s denials.

The private detective used other Spanish investigators to help him find the places where Beckham often went in Madrid, and to take undercover photographs of his Spanish home in El Plantio, near the capital.

Buller said he carried out 20 interviews, none of which was with members of the Real Madrid team.

Instead he talked to receptionists, hotel managers, drivers, security guards and friends of some of the players.

Buller gave an interview to El Mundo to avoid “distortions” which he claimed would have appeared in the British press.

He told the paper he had been authorised by his client to give an interview, but added: “If I had found something bad, I would never have talked to the press.”

Buller dismissed claims Beckham had an affair with Spanish model Esther Canadas.

“Their relationship only extended to have a coffee together,” he said.

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