Stubborn Francoist monument finally falls

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It took two attempts for the demolition team to blow up the Franco-era monument on the Cíes Islands Galician national park.

2 July 2008

MADRID - It may have taken the demolition team two attempts, but Spain was left with one less Franco-era monument Tuesday, as a monolith erected in 1961 on the Cíes Islands Galician national park was destroyed.

The decision to get rid of the statue was taken in 2007 under the controversial Historical Memory Law, a package of controversial measures aimed at providing redress to victims of the Civil War and the Franco regime.

The first attempt to blow up the monument on Monday afternoon failed, due to hidden elements of its structure. However, second time around at 7.45am Tuesday, the team reduced the Francoist symbol to rubble.

But as one statue falls, another one rises - residents of the Galician town Oleiros awoke last Thursday to find an enormous statue of Che Guevara had been erected on a traffic circle.

[El Pais / S. H. / Expatica]

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