Spectator gored to death in Spanish bull run

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A bull gored and killed a 74-year-old man who was watching a bull run in northern Spain after it broke through a wooden safety barrier, the third such fatality in just over a week, local officials said.

Felix de Luis Morentin was gored in the neck in the doorway of a building in the town of Lodosa where he was watching the bull run with his wife, the regional government of Navarra said in a statement.

Two other spectators required medical care after they were struck by another young bull that also broke through the security barrier which is supposed to prevent the animals from mixing up with spectators, it added.

A 25-year-old was taken to hospital after he was struck in the head by the bull and a 62-year-old woman was treated at a health centre for bruises to one of her knees.

"We are all very much affected because what was supposed to be a festive day has become quite the opposite," Lodosa mayor Pablo Azcona told reporters.

The safety barrier met all legal requirements, he added.

The bull run was as part of a six-day festival held in Lodosa each year in honour of Saint Emeterius and Saint Celedonius which wraps up Thursday.

Towns across Spain hold festivals in which crowds of people run ahead a pack of bulls, which thunder through the streets towards the bull ring for a fight.

A bull gored a 50-year-old man to death in a bull run in the eastern town of Rafelbunyol on Saturday after he struck the animal with an umbrella. Press reports said he "appeared to be drunk."

And on July 23, a bull gored a 62-year-old man to death when it rammed a barrier in a temporary bullring during a festival in the northwestern town of El Maderial Spain.

Forty-three people were injured this year during Spain's most famous bull run, held every July in Pamplona.

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