Spanish parliament pays tribute to ETA victims

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The Spanish parliament Sunday marked 50 years since the first deadly terror attack by Basque separatists with a tribute to victims at a ceremony attended by King Juan Carlos and his wife Sofia.

On June 27, 1960, a bomb in a San Sebastian train station claimed the first official victim of the ETA campaign, a 22-month old child named Begona Urroz.

Since then, ETA has been held responsible for the deaths of another 828 people.

Last March, the Spanish parliament designated June 27 as a memorial day for victims of terror.

"It is as though the death of Begona Urroz happened yesterday... her memory will protect us from a second crime: forgetting," said Jose Bono, president of the Congress of Deputies.

"This day is an occasion to reiterate the strongest condemnation and strongest rejection of terrorist violence, which is in essence perverse, cowardly and unjustified," said King Juan Carlos.

A minute's silence was observed by the full benches of parliamentarians, along with representatives of victims' associations.

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  • Juan posted:

    on 23rd January 2013, 13:22:32 - Reply

    Those bombings were claimed by Henrique Galvao's DRIL (Revolutionary Directorate of Iberian Liberation), in late June 1960 and in late January 1961. In Spain it was published in late January 1961, when Galvao hijacked a Portuguese liner. Google: "hemeroteca ABC 1961/01/28 galvao DRIL maletas explosivas" and "hemeroteca ABC 1961/02/10 galvao actos terrorismo". Begoña Urroz was killed by the DRIL. You are publishing a fake.
    Note: the list of 829 people killed by ETA doesn't include Begoña Urroz .