Spanish bullfighting stars to perform in Las Vegas

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The bloodless bullfights in Las Vegas will deviate from traditions and spare the life of the bull, says president of Don Bull Productions.

Madrid – Several Spanish star bullfighters will take part in bloodless bullfights in Las Vegas in September which will buck tradition and spare the life of the bull, the organiser said Wednesday.

The bullfights will use specially designed adhesive Velcro pads instead of the traditional banderillas, or darts, which are stuck in the bull's back, the president of Don Bull Productions, Pedro Haces, told AFP.

They will be staged at a 5,000-seat arena at the South Point hotel which is normally used for rodeos on 14-16 September in celebration of Mexican Independence Day and between 27-30 September.

Hace, who is popularly known as "Don Bull", has already staged similar bloodless bullfights on Texas. However, this is the first time that they will be staged in Las Vegas, which is better known for its casinos, he said.

Among the big names from Spain who will take part are Enrique Ponce, Julian Lopez "El Juli" and Antonio Barrera. Famous bullfighters from Mexico and Portugal are also scheduled to appear in the ring.

Hace said the bullfighters, who will be paid less than what they usually receive, hope their participation in the event will give them an audience beyond Latin America and southern Europe, where they are already well known.

He has invited celebrities from Hollywood and the world of politics. Hace also claims former US President George W Bush will attend one of the bullfights.

Hace said he hopes to continue to stage bullfights during the next 20 years in Las Vegas and has received a request to organise them in Russia as well.

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  • Manuel Menendez posted:

    on 8th May 2011, 13:35:18 - Reply

    That show is pure cruelty, the bulls are tortured and killed. I hope people of Las Vegas are human enough to ban this barbaric show
  • Javier Portalés posted:

    on 8th May 2011, 13:12:57 - Reply

    NOOOOO! killing a poor innocent animal is a crime unacceptable for a modern society! Mistreating, torturing to death a bull and horse is even more cowardly action that can be made miserable. From Spain denounced this action brutal, dirty and criminal. Enough of this medieval barbarity. Animal shows no more than murderers and butchers. I say NO and stop this brutality.

    NOOOOO! asesinar a un pobre animal inocente es un crimen inaceptable para una sociedad moderna! Maltratar, torturar hasta la muerte a un toro y aun caballo es la acción más cobarde y miserable que se pueda realizar. Denuncio desde España esta acción brutal, sucia y criminal. Basta ya de esta barbaridad medieval. No más espectáculos con animales y asesinos carniceros. Digo NO y paren esta brutalidad.
  • Michel Michaeljohn posted:

    on 21st April 2011, 03:54:44 - Reply

    Bullfighting: It's not ART; it's not CULTURE; it's TORTURE (ask the MAJORITY of the people in the bullfighting countries of Spain; Portugal; France; Mexico; Colombia; Ecuador; Guatemala; Peru and Venezuela that are working on, and passing NATIONAL BANS and ABOLITION of bullfights).

    Bullfighting: The mutilation and torture of bulls.
    Bullfighting is the most indefensible type of animal abuse.

    Bullfighting is not a fight at all, but a systematic torture-killing that pits a gang of armed thugs wielding razor-sharp barbed spikes, spears, swords and daggers (these weapons are designed to inflict intense pain and cause massive blood loss to weaken the animal) against a lone, terrified; confused; fatally disabled and wounded animal.

    It's a SICKENING economic industry based on HORRIFYING victimization; sadistic abuse; extreme cruelty and mutilation and torture of bulls (and horses) during the cruel exhibitions of bullfights (which are barbaric "blood" fiestas).

    So-called bloodless bullfights are practiced in the U.S., where the bulls are terrified; confused; teased, harassed; tormented (and injured):
    only to be killed once outside the arena, in a Mexican bullfight; a slaughterhouse or elsewhere.

    In these events bullfighters perform who torture and kill many bulls during regular bullfights: Close-up Horror of Bullfighting (Graphic)
    Although the bullfights in America are supposedly bloodless, bulls and horses are still subjected to large amounts of abuse and stress and the risk of getting wounded.

    The bullfighting industry is losing ground in the bullfighting countries and that is why they are trying to export their bloody business to other countries. Since it is prohibited to torture and kill bulls in the United States, they have invented bloodless bullfights, to promote their sadistic industry in an innocent form.

    However, the same industry does not have a problem with killing defenseless animals. The money they generate from the bullfights in America is used to promote their blood sport. Furthermore, people who visit the bullfights may mistakenly think that bullfighting is not that cruel, while it is one of the most cruel forms of animal abuse.

    We must not allow the bullfighting industry to continue promoting their bloody business in America.
    America has many great events to offer, without sadistic animal abuse and cruelty.

    Bloodless bullfighting in our country of America is DISGRACEFUL and should be, and remain BANNED because it is, and always will be (in any form) a Tradition of Cruelty.

    We must call for a PERMANENT BAN on all future bullfighting events planned in America and let the bullfighting industry know that America is not interested in bullfighting.

    The bullfights that have already been organized in Las Vegas, Nevada were a big failure: only a few people attended the events and the bullfighting industry lost money.

    This is reason enough to PERMANENTLY BAN all bullfights in the USA: people want this abuse and cruelty to STOP.

    Help these suffering animals – STAY AWAY FROM BULLFIGHTS; speak out against them and DEMAND that they be ABOLISHED.

    Michel Michaeljohn (of Spanish-descent): California; United States.