Spanish authorities mull banning high power bikes

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The proposal comes after a span of road deaths in Spain where nine out of 16 motorists were riding bikes.

10 June 2008

MADRID - Spanish traffic authorities are considering forcing powerful motorcycles off the nation's roads after a spate of recent accidents involving bikes with more than 100 horse power.

The measure, which would stop manufacturers from plating big bikes with Spanish registration numbers, will only be put into effect if there is "scientific evidence" that it would help reduce accidents, the traffic department says.

It is studying the situation in France closely, where big bikes can no longer be registered. Bikes from other countries and older bikes over 100hp can still drive, however.

The proposal has come to light following 16 deaths on Spain's roads last weekend, of which nine were bikers. Four of those were driving bikes of between 120 and 184hp.

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