Spaniard wins record EUR 76 million in lottery

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A Spaniard from the small southern town of Montefrio has won a record EUR 76 million.

28 January 2008

GRANADA - A Spaniard from the small southern town of Montefrio won a record EUR 76 million, the biggest lottery win in Spanish history, after spending EUR 4 on the ticket.

The winner had gone into hiding, according to media reports which quoted a woman resident from the town near Grenada as saying: "As soon as someone with a new car arrives here, we'll know who it is."

The town of 6,500 in the southern province of Andalusia lives mainly from olive plantations, so there was reason to believe the winner could be a farmer.

Mayor Remedios Gamez expressed hope that the new millionaire would invest part of the money in the town. "This would encourage young people to stay here and not to emigrate," she said.

The lucky winner had competed in the Lotterie EuroMillions which is played in many European countries.

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