Spain to send 100 peacekeepers for Chad mission

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The peacekeepers will help to protect refugees and civilians in Chad who are under threat by ongoing violence in Darfur.

30 May 2008

MADRID - Spain will send 100 peacekeepers to Chad to join EU forces operating under a UN mandate to protect civilians and refugees in the Central African country, which is being affected by violence in the neighbouring Darfur region of Sudan, Foreign Minister Miguel Ángel Moratinos announced Thursday.

The mission in Chad - Spain's fifth concurrent foreign peacekeeping operation - was approved Thursday by the Congress Defence Committee along with a plan to send a patrol boat and an additional 90 soldiers to Lebanon, where Spain currently has more than a 1,000 peacekeepers deployed.

With the new deployments, Spain will have 3,000 soldiers posted abroad, the government's maximum level of foreign deployment. Most of the forces are involved in peacekeeping in Lebanon, Afghanistan and Kosovo, with a much smaller contingent in Kyrgyzstan.

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