Spain plans to fuse universities to boost research results

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The Spanish government plans to fuse certain universities together to hopefully produce greater impact on GDP.

14 July 2008

MADRID - A new government initiative will aim to transform the current model of the economy - based on tourism and construction - by ensuring that university research projects into energy, health and sustainability produce greater results by the year 2015.

The plan proposes fusing certain universities, and also bringing them together with research institutes, public bodies and technology centres.

The Science and Innovation Ministry will seek an agreement by the end of this year in order to decide which universities would benefit most from inclusion within the project.

"In September, we'll be meeting with regions and universities to agree on the way forward," said the secretary of state for universities, Màrius Rubiralta.

"The objective is to make sure that the results have a greater impact on GDP."

The initial budget for this project will be EUR 1 billion, which will be spent over the current legislature. The cost will be shared between the central government and regional authorities.

[El Pais / Susana Perez De Pablos / Expatica]

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