Six Britons arrested over timeshare fraud in Spain

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The six, based in the Costa del Sol, have been accused of real estate fraud.

MADRID – Spanish police have arrested six Britons accused of real estate fraud in southern Spain, they said Sunday.

The six, based on the Costa del Sol, ran a business offering bogus timeshare title deeds for vacation apartments in exchange for "major sums of money", the police said in a statement.

The titles were sold several times to different buyers who were never able to reap the benefits, said police, who launched their inquiry after a complaint from one British buyer.

Timeshare deals - offering rights to stay in a property for a certain amount of time each year - have triggered similar scams in Europe, notably in Spain.

[AFP / Expatica]

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  • Harry from New York City posted:

    on 2nd February 2009, 15:20:52 - Reply

    Timeshares, especially in southern Spain are for morons, if you want to stay anywhere for a couple of weeks, stay in a hotel. When will the naive Brits ever learn??? Hotels are quite inexpensive in Spain and most make much more sense than the SS "Stupid Timeshares" Harry from New York