Prosecutor reprimanded over smelly racial slur

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A prosecutor in La Rioja asked court workers to open the windows because the Nigerian woman smelled bad.

31 October 2008

A prosecutor in the northern region of La Rioja has been admonished for a racist slur after he asked court workers to open the courthouse windows before a "smelly" Nigerian woman was put on trial.

The prosecutor Eduardo Peña told workers to "open the windows because the black woman smells bad" just minutes before the Nigerian national was brought into the court room in the city of Logroño on 7 October. She had spent two days locked in a police cell and had been unable to wash in that time. She was due to stand trial over a domestic violence incident.

The woman did not hear the comment, though her defence attorney was present at the time and decided to file a complaint before the chief prosecutor of La Rioja, Juan Calparsoro. Calparsoro said Thursday that he had decided to handle the complaint himself rather than pass it on to a higher judicial authority.

Describing the prosecutor's comments as "inconsiderate," Calparsoro argued that they did not warrant being classed as anything more than a minor lapse of judgment.

Peña has therefore been issued with a warning, but will not receive a fine or suspension.

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  • Mark Fownes posted:

    on 3rd November 2008, 12:05:41 - Reply

    I am not clear if it was supposed to be a racist slur or a hygiene slur. If it had been an Essex girl in similar circumstances would there have been an objection?

  • Ehrenschild posted:

    on 31st October 2008, 14:17:45 - Reply

    POLITICAL CORRECTNESS at its finest! Why is this even newsworthy? Why was the man reprimanded at all? The article clearly states that the woman was locked in a cell for 2 days and therefore actually did give off a bad odor. So where's the problem?!

    If I think of how many times I've had to grit my teeth next to a piss-soaked homeless person on the metro or in the library, when these people should be fdetained, cleaned up, and forced to work. How do long do we have to take this bullshit?