More hurt in Pamplona bull run

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Thirteen more people were injured during the bull ring on Sunday and Monday.

Pamplona – Three people were injured during the Pamplona bull run on Monday in northern Spain, three days after a 27-year-old man was gored to death by a bull at the festival, organisers said.

"Only three participants were taken to hospital in Pamplona with various bruises due to falls or tramplings," they said in a statement.

All three are Spanish nationals. A 26-year-old injured his thigh and arm, a 29-year-old bruised his chest and a 35-year-old suffered back injuries.

The final bull run of the eight-day San Fermin festival will be on Tuesday. Crowds race ahead of a pack of thundering bulls along an 825 metre (900 yard) course over cobbled streets to the town bullring.

On Friday, Spanish factory worker Daniel Jimeno Romero died after being gored in the neck and lungs in front of thousands of tourists.

He was the 15th person to die in the annual run since 1911, but the first to be fatally gored since 1995 when a 22-year-old American was killed.

Another 10 people were injured, including four who were gored, during Sunday's bull run. Two men who were gored remain in serious condition in hospital, organisers said.

A US national who was injured on Friday in a fall during the bull run and a French man who suffered neck injuries after falling into a pond also remain in serious condition.

On both days, participants were gored by a bull which became separated from the pack and started charging people.

A 21-year-old Englishman was also taken to hospital after being injured in the back by one of the bull guides, men armed with poles which they use to stop people getting to close to the animals.

Despite fierce criticism from animal rights groups, the San Fermin festival at Pamplona attracts thousands of tourists to watch or take part in the bull runs.

In the afternoon, the same bulls face matadors in the ring while the night is given over to partying. Pamplona authorities have stepped up precautions in recent years to stop people who have drunk too much alcohol from taking part in the celebrations.

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