Man dies in Spanish bull run

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A man became the 15th person to die during the San Fermin festival since 1911 after a bull’s horn punctured his lung.

Madrid – A man was gored to death by a bull Friday during the running of the bulls at the San Fermin festival in northern Spain, which attracts tourists from across the world, organisers said.

The San Fermin organisation said on its website that the man, whose age and nationality were not immediately confirmed, was hit by a bull's horn in the neck and lung after the animals were released in Pamplona.

"He could not survive after the horn hit him in the neck," the organisation said."The deadly blow from the horn hit the aorta and the lung."

The man's nationality and age could not be immediately confirmed.

He is the 15th person to die during the annual bull run in Pamplona since 1911.

The organisation said on its website that the man died at 8:45 am (0645 GMT) during the fourth bull run of the festival.

Three other people were hit by bull horns while a "half dozen" others were hurt falling, organisers said.

An Australian, an American, a Scot and a Swiss national were injured in other bull runs this week.

The festival, in which six bulls are released each morning to run from their corral over an 825-metre (yard) course, causes injuries every year as tourists, dressed in white with a red kerchief, sprint in front of the galloping animals.

In the afternoon, the same bulls face matadors in the bullring.

The festival, which was made famous by Ernest Hemingway's 1926 novel The Sun Also Rises, began Monday and ends on 14 July.

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  • Rebekah posted:

    on 21st July 2009, 23:01:32 - Reply

    This story is repetitive and inaccurate.
    It´s not only tourists who "run with the bulls" in Pamplona, it´s mostly Spaniards, members of the local peñas. Somehow, perhaps due to the alcohol-fueled thrill-seeking that plagues tourists the world over, it´s often foreigners who get the horns -- and their 15 minutes of media spotlight. Pathetic.
    Bulls are run through the streets of hundreds of Spanish towns all over Spain every year. Somehow Pamplona has convinced the world that their Encierra is the only one. Maybe it oughtta be?
    ...but Spain belongs to the Spanish. It´s their country, and if they want to chase around with deadly livestock, it´s their business and their culture. It´s the foreigners who decide to "play Spaniard" for a day and end up stuck full of horn who are truly pathetic and need to be banned.
  • Stephen Johnson posted:

    on 10th July 2009, 17:03:07 - Reply

    And yet I get fined 110 euros for driving a car without a seat belt and these idiots are allowed to go and injure themselves with greater certainty than I costing the health service to patch them up. It is sad that someone else has died. Its about time it was banned and the cruelty to the animals stopped. Valor¿¿!!?? the bulls are drugged out before they even face the matador. Lets try drugging the matador ans setting off fireworks in his ears before he faces the bull and see how he gets on