Madrid slum suffers after flood

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Residents of El Gallinero slum continue to live in flooded, dirty conditions even after fire fighters and social services provide help.

26 September 2008

MADRID -- "Look, look at the child", pleads the woman, holding a naked baby around eight months old, whose back and legs are coated in urine and mud. "We need diapers", she says.
María, like the other residents of El Gallinero (The Chicken Coop), needs more than diapers. Since a storm flooded eastern Madrid on Monday, the mostly Roma (Gypsy) residents of El Gallinero and the other slums along an old path known as the Cañada Real Galiana are still struggling.

Their shacks, built of tin, wood and plastic wrap, are still flooded. Residents must walk through knee-deep water in the alleys between their homes.
Fire fighters arrived at El Gallinero on Thursday, working for seven hours to drain the water. Social services sent buses to relocate families in temporary camps and a Red Cross hostel. 34 families, about 150 people, relocated, but little space is left in the temporary shelters for the remaining residents.
[El Pais / Daniel Borasteros / Expatica]

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