Madrid resolves to eradicate shantytowns

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Madrid leaders will work together to bulldoze shantytowns in and around the capital by 2011.

30 October 2008

MADRID - Madrid Mayor Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón and regional premier Esperanza Aguirre signed an agreement Wednesday to work together to eradicate shantytowns in and around the capital by 2011.

The deal will see the two administrations combine efforts to rehouse approximately 500 families who have been living in shanties for years, demolish their shacks and put the land to other uses.

City Hall and the regional government plan to spend a combined EUR 109.8 million on the project - equivalent to the princely sum of EUR 220,000 per family that is to be rehoused.

However, the initiative will do nothing toward resolving the situation of the Cañada Real, a strip of illegally occupied land on the south side of Madrid that is home to 50,000 people.

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