International couples cry foul over baby bond inequality in Spain

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Mothers who are not Spanish or have not legally resided in Spain for more than two years are not applicable to the EUR 2,500 baby bond.

1 August 2008

MADRID - On 4 July 2007, Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero announced that his government would give EUR 2,500 to all families legally resident in Spain for every new child they have.

"All," however, does not apparently include children born to foreign mothers who have lived here for less than two years - even if the father is Spanish.

In what a growing band of critics are calling a clear case of discrimination, hundreds of heterosexual couples have been refused the so-called "baby bond" because the mother is not a Spanish national or has not legally resided in Spain for more than two years, regardless of the nationality or residency status of the father.

"This is not a benefit for the baby but for the mother - in reality it's a mommy bond," complains Oscar Martínez, the Spanish father of 10-month-old Osquitar who got no money because his mother is a Peruvian who arrived in Spain recently.

In addition, homosexual couples who have or adopt children are allowed to choose whose name goes on the check, an option not offered to heterosexual couples.

People affected by the discriminatory rules have set up an association to lobby the government to change the legislation, which they estimate may affect 12,000 couples nationwide.

[El Pais / Maruxa Ruiz Del Arbol / Expatica]

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  • Avi Marranazo posted:

    on 1st August 2008, 19:28:56 - Reply

    It's clear the law should promote births among mothers of white European stock, whose mates are of that same category. The possibility of European peoples' displacement by other ethnic groups is one of the gravest dangers to civilisation today. The Arab population in Europe, along with the Amerindian Mexican population in the US could present a whole host of heretofore unknown problems in those lands. To understand this matter in depth, please see the ground-breaking, taboo-breaking work of Professor Kevin Macdonald
  • cll posted:

    on 1st August 2008, 18:49:41 - Reply

    here is the link
  • cll posted:

    on 1st August 2008, 18:43:22 - Reply

    Can you post the name of this association to challenge the law so that your readers who are affected can get involved?