Horse painting exhibition at Sala Barna Gallery

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Irish artist Lynda Cookson will exhibit her revolutionary horse paintings in Barcelona from 25 September to 16 October 2008.

18 September 2008

Galway based Lynda Cookson, well known artist and artist-profile writer in the West of Ireland, is taking her revolutionary horse paintings to Spain.

She has been invited to exhibit at the prestigious Sala Barna Gallery (San Eusebeo 57) in Barcelona, the city of awe-inspiring Gaudi architecture.

Lynda's work will take pride of place in the gallery from 25 September to 16 October 2008. Together with her equestrian art she will also be showing vibrant representative floral paintings typical of her colourful and free-flowing style.

The artist, whose paintings sell on both sides of the equator says: "My work is strongly representational. I use impasto techniques with my floral paintings and challenging palette knife work with the horse paintings. The two styles are complementary with the floral paintings regenerating my sense of creativity after the intensity of painting horses.

She continued: "Horses are such graceful and powerful creatures, inspiring countless artists before me. My equestrian paintings take a unique path in that I work not only to find the essence and spirit of the horse but to capture their strength, movement, speed and power using colours and techniques in a manner not used before in equestrian art. I use instinct, my imagination, and pure colour mixed on the canvas with free brush and knife strokes to bring my paintings to life, finding inspiration in the unexpected and in the use of 'rebellious' colours."

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