Expat sets up video blog to list 100 tips for buying property in Spain

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To ease the transaction of moving to Spain, Graham Hunt lists has created a video blog called 100 Tips For Buying Spanish Property.

Spain -- the land of amazing architecture, happy people, fiestas and siestas. It’s a dream place to live for some and an upheaval adventure filled with cultural  differences mishaps for others.

To ease the transaction of moving to Spain, Graham Hunt lists 10 most important tips for people coming to live in Spain. As an estate agent he has had a chance to spot the most common mistakes and has created a video blog called 100 Tips For Buying Spanish Property.

Here are his best tips from his list:

1) Learn the language

It should go without saying but without learning the language you don't become part of Spain. It is an attitude thing if you think you can then you will, if you think you can't then guess what!

2) Don't buy off plan
When there are an estimated 1.6 million properties for sale in Spain, completed properties at that, why would you buy off plan? If you cannot find what you want among the 1.6 million in prime positions why would you buy an off plan place most likely in a not so prime position?

3) Are you ready to integrate?
If you come to Spain and isolate yourself away from the country you are missing the essence of the country and will most likely not prosper here. Integrate into the country by becoming a part of your local village, town or city.

4) Change your mindset
You need to make sure that you adapt to the country and don't expect the country to change for you. Spain has many frustrating things about it and you need to take them with a pinch of salt. If you don't change your mindset then you are likely to miss the pleasures of bureaucratic frustration.

5) The property registry
The property registry and the Catastro must be taken together as they are essential when investigating the properties that may interest you. Are they totally legal and declared on both or will you be left with a large bill. Make sure that both are clear and your lawyer has checked them out.

6) The three generation problem
If there are parents and kids then there are grandparents too. The displacement from the third generation can be overwhelming for many people so make sure to get a place within easy reach by plane of your previous home and make sure contact is constant using Skype video calls and plenty of visits both ways. This is also the same for Grandparents moving over. It is the missing of family life and especially the Grandchildren that scuppers the move in the end.

7) Negotiate negotiate negotiate
Everything is negotiable at the moment, unless it isn't of course. Therefore make sure that you negotiate on price, conditions and anything else you can think of including moving costs, lawyer's fees and even estate agent fees (Although not mine)

8) Are both partners into the move?
Is it true that both partners want to make the move or is one doing it to satisfy the other? That is doomed to failure in the long term. Both partners need to be pushing in the same direction for the move to work. The alternative doesn't bear thinking about.

9) How much will it cost to get your stuff here?
And is it worth it? A big garage sale and a new start with a lot less stuff, especially when buying furnished and changing things to your style bit by bit, may be a better solution. Will your stuff really suit a Spanish property?

10) Estate agents
Around 80 percent have now disappeared thanks to the crisis. However most of those that are left are now quite good, there are still a few sharks left but give the benefit of the doubt to the majority. They are mostly experienced and not just depending on the fact that anybody could make money previously in a booming market.

To read the whole list of tips, click here or watch the video blog.

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  • Graham posted:

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    No problem. Like the intro too
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    on 12th August 2010, 11:00:40 - Reply

    Hi Graham,

    Thanks for pointing that out.

    Editor ES
  • Graham posted:

    on 11th August 2010, 23:30:42 - Reply

    Just one thing missed in the editing. Number five goes hand in hand with the Catastro. Thanks for the publication