ETA set booby trap bomb for Civil Guard officers

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The small bomb that exploded on Saturday in Navarre was intended for officers.

14 April 2008

MADRID - A small bomb apparently planted by Basque terrorist group ETA that exploded on Saturday near a group of telecommunications transmitters in Navarre. The bomb was intended as a booby trap for Civil Guard officers, authorities say.

The device, containing around five kilograms of homemade explosive and packed with shrapnel, had been placed at head height on top of a small building inside the complex near the town of Lapoblacion.
It detonated at 11am and the blast was heard by a walker, who approached and saw a sign warning "Danger, ETA bomb." He called the police, who then found a second unexploded device nearby.

Police suspect the unexploded device was supposed to have gone off first, with the terrorists hoping that officers would be on the scene when the other device detonated at 11am.

[El Pais / Jorge A Rodriguez / Expatica]

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