Driver could get over 10 years for bus tragedy

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The driver that crashed into a tour bus in Málaga and killed 9 Finns could get more than 10 years in jail, says CGPJ spokesperson.

23 April 2008

MADRID - The driver of the SUV that smashed into a bus full of Finnish tourists on Saturday and caused it to overturn killing nine people, could receive a prison sentence of "over 10 years," according to Enrique López, the spokesperson for the  General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ), Spain's top judicial watchdog body.

The identity of the driver, who was driving under the influence of alcohol, is still not known. It is also not known whether he is the owner of the SUV, which is registered to a 28-year-old man in Málaga.

"In Spain, a person could get up to four years for each count of manslaughter
[caused by drunk driving] but this does not mean that the suspect would get a maximum of 36 years for the nine deaths he caused," said López.

"There is a table [that the judges will use to determine the length of the sentence in the case of the nine people that died as well as other factors like driving under the influence of alcohol], which would be over 10 years without parole."

The spokesman said that even if found guilty, the driver would not have to pay indemnities to the victims. "The one who will pay the indemnities is the insurance company," López said. "Not the driver."

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