Cruz siblings sell a song with some steamy scenes

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Singer employes his famous sisters to perform in saucy music video.

7 January 2008

MADRID - If you want to carve out a niche for yourself in the music business, it helps if you have two famous sisters to give you a push. If this push consists of making a sexy video with all three of you in it, so much the better.

Penélope Cruz, the Almodóvar muse who has also starred in Hollywood movies such as Blow, All the Pretty Horses and Vanilla Sky, and her less celebrated sister Mónica Cruz, are the stars of the promotional video for the latest single by their brother Eduardo, called Cosas que contar.
The video was recorded in Mexico City, where the two actresses' younger brother has been promoting his career as a singer.

"When I was making the video I had a lot of memories, because when I started performing [as a singer], my sisters were already working, and now to see them dancing in the video is like a dream come true," Eduardo Cruz said at the press conference where he presented his single, which has now been released across Europe.

The singer, it seems, had long refused to accept help from his sisters, in order to avoid claims he was clinging onto the coattails of their success. But now he seems to have cast off such inhibitions.

In the video, Eduardo arrives in a recording studio where his sisters, wearing low-cut white blouses and plastic-rimmed glasses, are dubbing voices onto an erotic film. "Darling, you're so gorgeous" and "Yeah, yeah, just like that" are some of the phrases they are heard to say. Meanwhile Penélope is polishing her nails and Mónica sucking on a lollipop.

The sexual voltage rises when the Cruz trio get into the porn film themselves. In one of the last scenes, Penélope is seen kissing a girl. The actress had never performed in such explicit scenes since her early hit film, the steamy Jamón, Jamón with her present partner, Javier Bardem.

The press in Italy, where the video has just been shown, has labelled Penélope Cruz a new porn star - a change from her previous title of "the new Audrey Hepburn."

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