Councillor facing fraud charges wins lottery

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A Valencian politician under investigation on corruption charges was one of the biggest winners of the El Niño draw.

8 January 2008

CASTELLON/TARRAGONA - Carlos Fabra, a Valencian politician under investigation on corruption charges, was one of the biggest individual winners of Spain's El Niño lottery draw, aides acknowledged after the winning number 87.657 was drawn on Sunday.

Fabra, the head of the provincial council of Castellón who faces fraud and embezzlement allegations, won EUR 2 million of the total first prize payout of EUR 110 million, aides said.

However, the draw, the name of which means "The Child" in Spanish, did give money to some arguably more needy recipients. Most of the EUR 50 million second prize went to families in the hamlet of La Bisbal de Falset near Reus in Tarragona. Until Sunday, the village of 250 people had one of the lowest incomes per capita in the province. Now it is probably one of the wealthiest.

Spaniards spent a total of EUR 779 million on El Niño lottery tickets this year, 3.52 percent more than in 2007.

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