Bomb causes severe damage in Tolosa

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An anonymous ETA representative gave warning before Saturday’s explosion in front of a northern Spanish courthouse.

6 October 2008

MADRID -- A bomb attack by suspected Basque terrorists in Spain caused serious damage, the Basque Interior Ministry reported Saturday.

The attack happened overnight when a 5-kilo bomb hidden in a rucksack exploded in front of a courthouse in the town of Tolosa to the south of San Sebastian in the Basque region of northern Spain.

No people were injured in the blast which blew a 3-metre hole out of the front of the courthouse and broke all the windows in the five-storey building.

Several other buildings and parked cars were damaged in the attack.

Twenty minutes before the blast, an anonymous caller gave a warning as a representative of the militant Basque separatist organisation ETA.

It is believed that two people placed the rucksack outside the courthouse one hour before it exploded.

Police blocked off the area following the warning.

In late September, one person was killed and 17 wounded in a series of ETA attacks in northern Spain.

Within 24 hours, ETA exploded three large car bombs outside a military academy, a residence, a police station and a bank.

ETA is considered a terrorist organisation by the UN, EU and US.

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