Barcelona poised for highway water pipe

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The plan, if approved, will see water transfer from the River Ebro to Barcelona to meet the city’s water needs.

14 April 2008

BARCELONA - The Spanish and Catalan governments are expected to present a controversial plan on Monday for an emergency transfer of water to Barcelona from the River Ebro in order to meet the city's water needs following more than a year and a half of drought.

The plan is to run a pipe above ground along the side of the AP-7 highway to carry 40 cubic hectometres of water per year.

Combined with the renovation of disused wells around the city, the flow from the Ebro should be sufficient to meet Barcelona's water needs until May 2009 when a new desalination plant is due to come on stream, producing around 60 cubic hectometres per year.

Environmentalists and opposition politicians are nonetheless concerned about the added drain on the already heavily exploited river.

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